Friday, September 22, 2006

i have decided

so i volunteered to make my
Great Niece & Great Nephew a stocking this year
didn't make them baby blankets
well ..
their uncle is gonna be a daddy soon
so i am up to 3
then their mom's cousin was JUST a daddy
so i am up to 4

a friend has an daughter
about to be TWO years old
up to 5
she has an older brother
which brings me to SIX

i decided to make Snow Children
knit the child in white
use a Glittery Filament with the yarn
knit Hat, Scarf & Mittens out of sock yarn
attach to the stocking
embellish the children using
the Clover Felting Needle supplies
AND the punch needle supplies i bought
gonna knit the name out of varigated yarn
that's the plan NOW
will see how it looks when i start knitting
MAY use strands for each letter so that the letters
stripe as opposed to the NAME striping long ways
then i see that there is the kit to
needle felt & embellish
using similar idea
anyways ..
gonna graph a snow child
knit it in the stocking
also knitting the name into the TOP
the year 2006 in the heel
& proceed from there
bought yarn
the longest name is 7 letters so that's
100 stitches to cast on
will felt it when i am done knitting
bought cascade 220
naturespun worsted
Lion brand cool wool
Paton's classic wool
it will ALSO be an experiment to see
how different yarns FELT
gonna make them ALL
using the same pattern
then will felt them altogether
IF i don't get antsie


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