Sunday, September 03, 2006

What are you working on?

I'd like to invite everyone to write a post introducing themselves and what projects they are planning on doing for the StockingAlong this year.

I'm Becky, I'm a law student from Austin, TX, and I am hoping to complete 2 stockings in time for Christmas for my husband and I's first Christmas in our new home (which has a fireplace perfect for stockings).

For mine, I am doing this kit from Elegant Heirlooms: My husband is charting out a graph for his stocking which will use the same pattern as mine, but will be a dark blue background with a large star over a small stable or town. To coordinate, I am using the blue from his to do the cuff of mine and will use the white from mine to do his cuff. Hopefully I can get these done by Christmas!!

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you!


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