Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sailboat Stocking

Knit in Cascade 220 on #8 needles (straight/circs and dps)

Cast on 58 stitches using green, start the top of the stocking as a flat knit, back and forth
K2P2 rib for 9 rows
Stockinette (SK) for 3 rows
SK red for 2 rows
SK green for 2 rows and then fairisle in the name of the person in black (11 row height to letters) - or - SK 15 rows in green and then go back later and duplicate stitch in name later in black
SK red for 2 rows
SK one row in light blue
[Pattern as per chart]

switch over to knitting in the round at this point

SK 8-10 rows in medium blue for water
SK red for 2 rows
SK green for 4 rows
SK red for 2 rows
continue knitting until desired length (mine is around another 16 rows of green)

Divide for instep and heel; connect red and knit the heel and instep as per standard socks.
Knit to two inches short of desired length in green
Switch to red and finish the toe
(need more info than that?)

Sailboat chart

Each side of the stocking is 29 stitches, so for the back side I would just knit across the 29 stitches and then count out the stitches on the chart until I needed to do the color changes (or vice versa). The color changes I did using the intarsia technique primarily where you wrap the yarns around each other (always pick up the new color strand from underneath the color in use is the rule) and have multiple balls of color, on for each color block.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Very generous of you to share the pattern, Ann!

At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please explain more about the heel, instep, and toe? ...For those of us who don't know:S Please and Thank You!


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